PC|Windows Workstation Setup

Please follow these steps to ensure proper setup of workstations that will be accessing the TourTools back office system. This document is written for IT personnel and assumes a certain level of familiarity with basic IT tasks.

1. Install FileMaker Pro

Once you complete the purchase of FileMaker, you will receive an email containing the license key and software download links. Download the installer for FileMaker Pro Advanced to be installed on user workstations.

Install and register the software as directed in the automated process.

2. Install FileMaker Plugins

TourTools currently requires 2 FileMaker plugins be installed:

  1. SMTPit
  2. MonkeyBread Software FileMaker Plugin
  3. BaseElements

These plugins can be retrieved from other workstations that already have them installed or will be provided to you by the TourTools team if you are deploying TourTools the first time. Place the 3 provided plugin files in the following relative location:

C:\users\user_name\AppData\Local\FileMaker\FileMaker Pro Advanced\17.0\Extensions\

3. Setup Connection to TourTools

Open FileMaker Pro on the workstation.

Choose File menu > Hosts > Show Hosts or click Hosts in the Open File dialog box.

In the Hosts dialog box, click the “+” button at the bottom left corner to display the Add Favorite Host dialog box.

In the dialog box that appears, for Host’s Internet Address, enter the host’s IP address or domain name. Enter domain names using the format host.domain.com, and enter IP addresses using one of the following formats: IPv4: IPv6: [2001:0DB8:85A3:08D3:1319:8A2E:0370:7334]

For Favorite Host’s Name, type a name for the host (ie – TourTools Server), this field can be anything you choose to represent the Host in the FileMaker Hosts dialog box.

Once you have saved the host information, your TourTools application will display in the larger window to the right in the FileMaker Hosts dialog box.

4. Identify User Name & Save TourTools Login to Windows Keychain

Identify User Name & Save TourTools Login to Windows Keychain Double-click on the TourTools application icon in the larger window to the right in the FileMaker Hosts dialog box.

From the TourTools Home Dashboard, scroll down and click on the gray Staff Data button.

Using the arrow buttons at the top left, scroll through the Staff records until you come to the record identifying the user of the workstation. Make note of the name as shown in the gray header bar, which represents the “Full Name” field in the Staff table – this will be required in step 5. Click the “New” button to add a new user, if they are not already listed.

TourTools is designed with 5 access accounts that have varying levels of access to the system. The owner should identify which user will log in with which account depending on the level of access their role requires.

  1. Owner account name > Own3r
  2. Manager account name > M@nag3r
  3. Operations account name > Operat1ons
  4. Reservations account name > Res!
  5. Data Entry account name > H3lp

The owner will be provided the password for each account and can share that with you for this setup process.

When the user opens TourTools, the login dialog box will appear. Enter the login account name (above) and password assigned to the user here and click the Save Password option.

5. Set FileMaker Preferences & Verify Plugins Enabled

Open FileMaker Pro Advanced and select Edit menu > Preferences.

On the General tab, set the User name to the full name that you identified in step 4 in the TourTools Staff record for this user.

On the Plug-Ins tab, confirm that all 3 plugins from step 2 are listed and enabled. If any are missing or will not enable after checking the enable checkbox, please contact TourTools for assistance. Please note the button at the bottom of the preferences window that is a shortcut to open the folder in your system where the plug-ins should be located – this is helpful if you are having trouble getting your plug-ins to load from Step 2 above.

6. Add Quick Launch File to User Desktop

The TourTools team will provide a quick launch file that should be copied to all user workstation desktops. The users should be directed to double-click this launcher for access to TourTools. A second quick launch file may be provided for access to the practice application (where they can practice using TourTools without fear of altering live bookings and tours).

As a final step, remove the FileMaker Pro Advanced shortcut from the desktop or task bar (if there). This will eliminate any confusion to the user about accessing TourTools.


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