TourTools Business Class+ Support Plan

Get the pro-active, priority support that you need if TourTools is a critical part of your tour operation.

All plans are annual agreements, billed monthly, and paid via ACH or credit card.

All support requests should be submitted as separate emails with separate issues only to [email protected] (please do not copy any other team members).

Business Class+

$1795 Monthly

  • 5 Hours Training, Support, or New Development*
  • Email Requests Directly into a Priority Support Email Address
  • 12-Business Hour Response Time to Provide Next Steps
  • Tier 2 Discounted Hourly Rate (Standard/Rush)
  • Ongoing Server Stability Monitoring**
  • 1 Rush Request every 6 months included***
  • Updates to web site required by release of new web browsers
  • Upgrades to TTO as security updates are released (PHP and supporting applications)
  • Updates to TT required by updates to Windows OS security, PHP and/or supporting applications
  • Monthly Status Meetings

*We help you prioritize and proactively suggest changes to stay as close as possible to your monthly allocated hours. Some administrative time is required to process any requests, so those Client Success Advocate hours will be included as part of your allocated hours. All hours accrued monthly above the designated amount are billed at the hourly rate associated with your plan.

**Server monitoring requires a one-time $50 setup fee.

***Our standard rush rate is $300/hour and is handled outside of the included hours. Any needs can be handled on a rush priority basis, at your discretion. Please notify us when submitting your request if you need a faster turnaround.


What if my team isn’t on a support plan?

Clients not on a support plan are billed at $180/hour (bugs fixes will also be billed at this rate), with a minimum block of 4 hours paid in advance. Response time to requests will be determined by our availability at the time. Any needs should still be submitted as separate emails with separate issues to [email protected]

What’s a bug?

A bug includes broken functionality, broken scripts, missing buttons or layout problems, where the code does not work as it is intended. Mistakes related to user data entry and/or IT issues can also result in behavior that appears to be a bug when it is not. In general, clients are not charged for bug fixes if they have an active support plan, if the problem is a result of something Adatasol did or something Adatasol broke while trying to fix a different issue.

What’s customization?

Customization is when your workflow requires that additional or different code be implemented from the base product to accommodate your company’s specific need. We will notify you when you make a request that is considered a customization.

What’s an enhancement?

An enhancement is a request that is road mapped for future implementation to the base product. You have the option to wait for the new upgrade to be released at no charge, or to have that enhancement added immediately to your solution per your chosen option.