If you run a tour operation and you don’t yet have an online booking system—what are you waiting for? Online booking systems are the new standard for tour operators and you are doing yourself, and your business, a massive disservice by not incorporating an online booking system into your tour operation. There are many benefits to using an online booking system; the most notable of which is the fact that online booking systems will actually solve some of the biggest tour operation problems common in the industry. Let’s take a closer look at 4 of the most common problem-solving benefits you’ll receive when you use an online booking system.

1. Online booking lets customers book packages at their own convenience

People don’t want to have to wait for your company’s booking hours to start, then wait for the phone to ring, then be put on hold while the service operator finds out more information, then fumble around for their credit card information, etc.—they want to get on their smartphone or laptop, bring up your site, and book their tour when they are ready to do so. When you let customers book through an online booking system, you are giving them the freedom to book at their own pace and convenience.

2. Online booking gives you access to more sales by being available 24/7

You are losing out on countless sales when you don’t have an online booking system. Every client who becomes interested in booking a tour but sees that your business hours are over, is a lost sale. This is especially true since most people prefer not to have to wait to book and they can instead turn to other options that have an online booking system available. With an online booking system, tours can be booked at any time, day or night, and even on weekends.

3. Online booking helps you save money by avoiding commissions

Commission fees can really cut into your overall profits, which in turn means you are making less money annually than you could be. An online booking system cuts out the costly need for this middle man and ensures that you get all of the profits without any commission percentages being taken out.

4. Online booking opens you up to travelers from around the world

It can be hard to market to international travelers, especially if you don’t have the funds or ability to hire someone on your customer service team who can speak multiple languages. Unfortunately, this also means you are missing out on international sales. An online booking system will make it possible for people from around the world to view your website, use an online site translator, if necessary, and then make their booking at their own convenience. You will effectively enter the international tourism industry without having to lift a finger!


An online booking system is a necessity for any modern tour operation company. In addition to being expected by customers as part of the status quo, they come with many benefits that will help you solve common tour operation problems.

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