6 Ways Tour Operators Can Leverage Social Media

Searching for new ways to improve your business is part of the job for entrepreneurs in the Tour industry. If you’re looking for new ways to expand your business or take it to the next level, you might want to consider adding social media to your repertoire.

More and more consumers are turning to social media to choose how they do business. You can take advantage of this for your tour company by joining the momentum. Social media can help your business in a variety of ways. Here are 6 suggestions.

1. Use Social Media to Connect With Your Customers

Social media isn’t just about advertising. It’s also about being there for your customers. Many people who have a question or are curious about your business, will be more likely to reach out if they can do so with the convenience of social media. It takes more effort to email or phone, but with social media, interaction is available on a whim.

This greater connection is beneficial for both you and your customers. The potential customer who got an answer from you right away is much more likely to choose you over another tour that delayed responding for a few days.

2. Show Potential Customers What They Can Expect

It’s one thing to advertise your tour, it is completely another to show people the full wonder of the world you are touring. If your tour covers ancient ruins, or the chance to see elephants in the wild, showcasing some of those eye popping photos and videos could help sway more customers to book your tour.

Add in the fact that customers who have been on the tour can share their personal experiences on these posts, and share the photos with people who might want to go on the tour themselves, and you may get free advertising as well.

3. Share Your Knowledge of the Industry

As anyone in the tour business knows, simply shuttling people around from location to location is not good enough. It’s also important to know about the locations you are taking them to, and that you have the experience to handle any situation that might come up.

Customers prefer to book the most experienced person in any industry. By posting your knowledge regularly on social media, you give your audience the opportunity to see what you know.

4. Follow the One-in-Seven Rule

Posting regularly on social media keeps your business on the feeds of people who are interested in you. Unfortunately, you can turn people off your business if you spend too much time advertising. Don’t make every post about your business. Instead, expect to spend 6 out of 7 posts talking about related things that may be of interest to customers.

5. Gain Organic Advertising Through Check-ins

Check-ins spotlight your business, and tell the friends of people on social media that a customer is currently going on your tour. Offering an incentive to get people to check-in can result in a surprisingly large amount of advertising.

Nowadays, most customers prefer to get recommendations from friends and family, rather than trying unknown places on their own. Every time a customer checks in, they are letting their friends know they have been on your tour and can give a recommendation.

6. Keep People Interested in Your Business With 5 Star Reviews

Social media also gives customers the chance to review your tour company openly and honestly. In today’s market, advertising alone isn’t enough to get people interested in your tour. Most customers prefer to decide on businesses or products by listening to the opinions of people they trust—their friends and family. Social media is the perfect stage for customers who have been on your tour to talk about their experience, and to recommend you.

Social media is a great way to benefit your business, and can help you gain new customers. It also helps past customers share their experiences. If you’re not using social media yet, it’s time to open up some accounts and start reaching out to the people who are waiting to go on your tour.

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