Adatasol Launches Runsala Law Practice Management Software

Cleveland, Ohio (February 2017) – Adatasol Custom Filemaker Database Solutions announced the launch of Runsala law practice management software. Runsala is a comprehensive case management software application that allows law offices to improve organization, efficiency, and profitability. In addition, Runsala allows Connecticut law firms to integrate directly into the Public Defender’s office’s case management system.

Runsala provides a full range of tools to manage a law practice from initial client intake through billing. The software was developed to assimilate with the Connecticut Public Defender’s office system that Adatasol developed in 2014 to automate the case assignment process. Runsala reduces the labor, paperwork, and time delays in accepting cases from the Public Defender’s office overflow cases. The software replaces unwieldy systems with a simple online database solution that tracks the assignment and relevant data, documents, and payments in one central location.

As an extension of the Public Defender’s office software, Runsala was developed for law firms to incorporate into the Public Defender’s office system. Attorneys can automatically receive alerts of assigned cases with supporting documentation and can accept or decline the cases directly in the application. Runsala also provides automated upload of time entries and expenses.

Runsala’s comprehensive suite of law practice management tools automate the tasks involved in running a law practice, improving organization and lowering operating costs. Easy-to-use case management and billing modules, complimented by a robust CRM module, track new client inquiries and increase client retention. The event management module manages appointments and court dates with letter and SMS reminders for both the attorney and the client.

“Runsala was a natural extension of the Public Defender’s office’s program,” stated Dan Weiss, President of Adatasol Custom Filemaker Database Solutions. “Attorneys using Runsala have said it completely changes the way they run their businesses.”

For additional information please visit or contact: Dan Weiss, Adatasol Custom Filemaker Database Solutions, Phone: (440) 338-6874, Email: [email protected].


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