7 Ways to Take Your Tour Business to the Next Level in 2019

Growing a business is something that many entrepreneurs think about on a daily basis. The start of a new year can heighten this thought process considerably. In order to survive, it’s important to stay competitive and think ahead to be able to thrive as a tour company. If you’re ready to make 2019 your best year yet, here are 7 ways to take your tour business to the next level in 2019.

1. Focus on Social Media

Nearly everyone who uses the internet uses some form of social media. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are how people get recommendations, check out local businesses, and discover events. If you want to open up new markets for yourself, and reach potential buyers, social media is a must. You can start by setting up an account on as many different platforms as needed, and checking them daily to respond to customers.

2. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is a website specifically used by people who are looking to travel, to help them decide where to stay and what to attend. Your tour company may already be on the website, but claiming the business and responding to reviews can do a lot to help improve your business.

Ask your customers to help flesh out your page on TripAdvisor with reviews and photos, so that it will draw more attention from new customers. Even a single picture of smiling faces will do more than a blank page sitting unattended.

3. Voucher Sites

Websites like “Groupon” offer discounts to users by leveraging the power of the crowd. Discount websites are regularly looked at by locals and people who plan to travel, and may get you many more customers than you otherwise would have had.

4. Ask for Referrals

When your customers have had a pleasant experience, they’ll often be glad to do you a little favor in return. Ask your customers to refer their friends and family to you, and have business cards readily available to make that job easier for them. Studies show that customers look toward recommendations from friends and family first, before any kind of advertising.

5. Motivate Your Team

Your employees may enjoy working for you, but it’s easy to let performance slip when every day is the same. Offering a prize to the person who is able to bring in the most sales may help your team to be a little more charming, or try a little bit harder with every customer who shows up.

6. Automate Your Activities

With today’s modern technologies, it makes no sense to leave everything up to your office staff. By automating your most common processes, such as booking tours or alerting customers to changes in the schedule, you can free your team up for better customer service. Tour software such as TourTools can help you with this.

7. Encourage Reviews

Reviews are how many potential customers try to decide which tour to go with. Rave reviews from happy customers encourage customers to choose you. Even mediocre or angry reviews can encourage customers to try you out, if the review is responded to kindly and professionally.

Growing a business isn’t always easy, but by utilizing these 7 steps, you can improve your chances of expanding your business, and celebrating 2019 with more customers than ever.

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