5 Ways to Increase Awareness for Your Tours

If there are a lot of other tour companies in your area, the competition can be fierce. Standing out from so many others can seem difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. A tour company is a lot like other businesses, and just needs a little know-how to get things going. Start with these 5 tips on how to increase awareness, and you will be on your way to the top.

1. Create a unique tour package

Nearly every city has a top attraction that people want to see. This is the basis for many tour companies. If you only offer tours for the most common sights however, you lose the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. After all, if the tours are all the same, why go to your tour company specifically?

You can separate yourself from the pack by offering something other companies don’t. Prove that you’re more knowledgable, can show them something new and different, or have a fresh look on the same location, and you’ll attract more people.

2. Give your customers the experience they are hoping for—and more

A tour of Seattle without including the Space Needle would be a big disappointment for your guests. On the other hand, a dazzling view of Seattle from over 500 feet in the air is something they will never stop talking about.

Your customer’s experience is the foundation of your business. Wow them as often as you can, so they will spread the word far and wide about your tours.

3. Get the community involved

Many hidden destinations want the added attention of a tour. By working one-on-one with the communities that have these hidden jewels, you may be able to greatly magnify the attention your tour is getting. Many people trust the word of real people over advertisers, and they will be far more likely to pay attention to a community based effort.

4. Hire a social influencer

Customers are becoming less trustful of advertising, and even reviews on popular websites such as Yelp are coming under suspicion due to the increase of faked reviews. Because of this, it is getting harder and harder to reach your customer base. In order to gain the trust of your potential customers, it may be worthwhile to hire a social influencer in order to help reach your target audience.

5. Strengthen your brand

For most tour companies, it’s all about the tours. Spectacular photos of what people will see on the tour, excellent customer service, and convenient sign up options. With so much focus on the tour themselves, branding can sometimes fall by the wayside. A consistent brand image can help customers remember you, so when they recommend someone, they remember to recommend you.

Raising awareness of a tour business is no different from any other business. Be creative, go the extra mile, and the result will be customers who are happy to spread the word about your tour company.

For more information on taking your tour to the next level, visit TourTools.