Should Tour Operators Work With Visitor Centers?

A common stop for many people visiting a new area is the location’s visitor center. These centers are located near popular landmarks, and offer information about places of interest in the area. This typically includes things like popular hiking trails, sites worth seeing, and information on the history of the area.

Besides information on places of interest, some visitor centers also offer necessities for travelers. These include things like hotel and car bookings, as well as tour companies. In today’s digital age however, more people are turning to online methods in order to find travel information. With this in mind the question remains, is it worthwhile to work with local visitor centers?

How visitor centers can help your company grow

A visitor center is a hub for people who are already planning to tour the area. Whether it is a local resident who just wants to find out more about the place where they live, or a traveler who came specifically to see the sights, a visitor center is where most of these people will end up.

While it’s true many people can and do choose to go online, today’s consumer has less trust in reviews that could be fake, as well as advertisements on the internet. This shift in trust has made visitor centers popular again. With such a large number of potential customers in one place, it makes sense to be part of their center.

Getting your tour business in the visitor center isn’t free however, most of them charge a commission in exchange for putting your name on their list. If you don’t already have an automatic booking system, make sure yours includes the ability to apply commissions. If you don’t, you’ll have to hand apply each commission which could be a burden.

Quality booking software should have this option, making adding their commission a breeze.

Ready to get started? Here’s what you need to know

You’ll have to contact a visitor center directly in order to be added to their list. Depending on the location, you may also need to meet certain guidelines in order to be accepted. Some locations, such as delicate wildlife areas, can’t handle a large number of tours, so space is limited. If you’re already conducting tours in the area, chances are you already meet their guidelines.

Get into contact with the visitor center, and work with them one-on-one to get your tour added to their list.

Visitor centers are a great way to attract attention to your tour. The people who visit are already people who are interested in seeing the sights, and already know they will be shopping for a tour. An attractive pamphlet on display in the center may be just the way to boost sales and introduce more people to your quality tour.

Visitor centers are still a great way to get attention for your tour company. It’s well worth giving them a call to add your tour to their list of options today. Every visitor center has a different way of adding businesses. Call your local visitor center today to learn how your local center works.

You may need to pay a fee, become a member, or have your tour inspected before you can join.

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