Trumbull County, located in east central Ohio, was established in 1800. The County covers 625 square miles and contains 460 road miles with 380 bridges that are maintained by the Trumbull County Engineer’s office in Warren.

Trumbull County employs maintenance crews, administrators, engineers, and managers to operate a fleet of vehicles and maintain infrastructure within the County. The employees are a mix of union workers and management staff.

The Financial Management Challenge

With responsibility for good stewardship of public funds, expense tracking and reporting is a high priority for the Trumbull County Engineer’s team. There are hundreds of transactions every week that need to be recorded for payroll actions, crew scheduling, vehicle maintenance, work orders from the public, and project cost accounting.

The Solution – Adatasol’s ‘Adatavis Government’

The system installed by Adatasol – Adatavis Government – provides complete information management for the Trumbull County Engineer’s entire operation.

Payroll, purchasing, inventory, invoicing, work orders, workforce planning, and fleet maintenance are all facilitated through Adatavis Government.

With Adatavis Government, there is no need to switch between different applications, there is no need to download files, and there is no need for routine database updates.

Information is captured immediately as it is entered into Adatavis Government and automatically coordinated across the entire system. Queries and reports are simple to generate with accurate and up-to-the-minute data.


Work hours and pay are tracked for every employee. Payroll reports can be generated to review daily, weekly, monthly, or annual pay histories.

Pay history can be broken out further for every separate category of pay, including sick time, vacation, and overtime – across any department or classification of employee, as well as for specific individuals.

Workforce planning is provided by Adatavis Government, which ensures work assignments for the entire team are available throughout each day. The system can accommodate workforce seniority considerations and the call-out lists required by union agreements.

Purchase Orders

The array of vendors that support the Trumbull County Engineer are indexed within Adatavis Government. Contact and billing information, parts on order and received, and parts lists that can be supplied by each vendor are captured.

As new vendors are needed to provide new parts or different services, Adatavis Government will record quotes from potential vendors; new vendor accounts can be quickly established for the preferred vendors.

Purchase Order forms are customizable and can be printed out in hard copy for routine tasks like getting authorization numbers assigned by the County government to resource new Purchase Orders.

Fleet Maintenance Parts & Repair Management

Adatavis Government provides parts management for the Trumbull County Engineer’s fleet of vehicles, including trucks and cars, but also for their off-road maintenance equipment like riding mowers and power tools.

For every piece of equipment that needs to be maintained, an array of parts are stored and available on-hand at their maintenance facility.

A Purchase Order is sent to an established vendor for each particular part when it is needed. Inventory monitoring is a feature within Adatavis Government, and Purchase Orders can be generated when parts inventories are depleted to a preset re-order threshold.

When the ordered parts are received, they are entered electronically into the system, and the inventory on-hand is updated for each part. The Purchase Order for the parts received can then be paid.

As each part is removed from its shipping container and stored on a shelf or bin, a bar code is placed on it.

As the mechanics place the part on a vehicle or piece of equipment, the bar code is removed from the installed part and attached to a maintenance card. Labor hours spent on the repair are recorded on the maintenance card, too. The maintenance card is then entered into Adatavis Government to capture total expenses for the repair work.

The process of receiving, using, and then reporting repair parts expensed can be streamlined through the use of bar-coding and mobile devices.

Aside from the parts management aspects, fleet repair actions can be scheduled in Adatavis Government by the vehicle operator or on a recurring basis, such as on due dates or through mileage thresholds.

Work Orders

Work orders from County residents are received daily and are usually called into the main reception desk. Work Orders must be prioritized, addressed by the team, and monitored for their completion. Downed trees across roadways, icy road conditions, and pot holes needing repair are routine examples of calls that are received.

As calls, emails, or website inquiries come in from the County residents, the date, time, location, and contact information is entered into the system.

A work order is printed out and handed to a supervisor so the repair can be assigned and scheduled. Management review of the work order information is convenient, work completion reports can be generated, and performance trends can be assessed.

Asset Maintenance & Repair Tracking

Recurring maintenance and repair activities on County infrastructure – such as bridge inspections and culvert repairs – are tracked within Adatavis Government.

Routine maintenance and inspection events can be pre-scheduled per asset so Work Orders can be printed on time.

As new work orders arise, they can be assigned to the workforce and tracked to completion. Total materials and labor associated with each bridge, road, or system can be easily determined.

Project Management Information & Cost Tracking

Adatavis Government can track project funding applied from outside sources such as ODOT.

The contractors performing maintenance and repairs on County assets are entered into the system. Awards, invoicing, and change orders can be monitored for each contractor and asset.


The Trumbull County Engineer assists Townships within the County by serving as a materials and parts provider when needed. Materials supplied to Trumbull County townships can be tracked and invoiced by Adatavis Government.


Reporting across the entire Trumbull County Engineer’s operation is simplified – custom reports can be generated within minutes, and staff time is made available for other important activities.

The best interests of the taxpayer are protected because complete accountability is provided.

Compliance with union contract rules in the award of overtime work is ensured.

Annual budget versus annual expense comparisons are greatly simplified, and any adjustments needed are quickly noticed.

County residents’ satisfaction levels are maintained by the ability to process work orders quickly and retrieve information regarding work order schedules and completion.

Repair versus recapitalizing decisions can be made for each County asset such as bridges. Maintenance history and annual expenses can be compared to asset replacement value.

According to Nicole Klingeman, the Trumbull County Engineer’s Fiscal Officer, “The Adatasol system is great because it can be customized. It works for us. Nothing does what this does, and everything is integrated.”