Adatasol has added another advantage for businesses considering improving a process through better information management – Adatasol can synchronize data from a new system with a client’s existing data in

Salesforce is one of the most robust and popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. CRM systems like Saleforce list a business’s customer contacts so they can follow-up on sales lead opportunities.

If your company has felt stuck using one type of database system, now there is a solution. A FileMaker database prepared by Adatasol can work in concert with Salesforce by synchronizing data between the two systems.

Now a database solution installed by Adatasol can retrieve customer name and contact information from Salesforce, and add new sales accounts into Salesforce. Adatasol’s FileMaker databases can also push sales opportunity details into Salesforce – including product code and pricing. One of our clients is taking advantage of this new integration capability already. The FileMaker database installed by Adatasol prepares new cost quotes for our client. Key customer information fields will self-populate in the Adatasol-installed database by pulling relevant data from our client’s Saleforce software. When a customer quote is completed using the Adatasol database, a new sales opportunity will automatically appear in our client’s Saleforce data, including pricing and inventory number.

Adatasol offers a custom Filemaker database solution for any information that your business needs to track – Inventory, Invoicing, CRMs, vehicle fleet and facilities management, etc. We can use this technique of Salesforce integration for any new database that you desire. The result is you will save time and money when you decide to work with Adatasol!

Thanks to Soliant Consulting for their pioneering the initial part of the Salesforce integration process.