Cumberland Diversified Metals (CDM) was founded in 1985. CDM is a distributor of specialty metals with a particular strength in prime and secondary stainless steel and aluminum.CDM prides itself on knowledge of current market conditions, allowing the company to be competitive when buying and selling to customers in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. CDM has grown exponentially in product offerings, market share, and most importantly its valued customer base.

The Challenge: Maintaining Total Awareness of Business Transactions

At one point a decade ago, CDM was trying to manage their business information with one computer terminal using Excel spreadsheets. This legacy process was inefficient and unable to meet the needs of the rapidly growing company. CDM needed a dynamic solution that could grow with their business.

The Solution: Adatasol’s System for CDM

The system installed by Adatasol for CDM provides a robust accounting program – receivables, payables, orders, and invoices. The Adatasol system allows for the real-time tracking of sales and profits, including both recaps and forecasting.

CDM’s system also tracks detailed customer transactions and what would typically be found in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Histories of purchases, contact information, and client histories are also maintained in the system.

The Adatasol system allows for mass emailing and constant communications within CDM’s customer base. This allows CDM to promote the sales opportunities and product offerings that best fit its clients’ needs.

Digital document filing per client and per stock item is another feature of the system. CDM maintains test reports as well as any applicable photo documentation for items purchased.


Adatasol installed a cost-effective system that allowed CDM to grow efficiently and enhance its revenues. The Adatasol system has expanded and improved in concert with CDM’s growth; the system has become a key element in CDM’s success.

The Adatasol system provides CDM with substantial overhead savings. It has allowed CDM to grow more quickly while avoiding the need to purchase additional accounting software.

CDM manages all of its business transactions with a single information management system installed by Adatasol. There is no need to deploy and support multiple software systems. The system also gives CDM total visibility because all team members can see all purchases, sales, and inventory items.