Vet-Rad provides x-ray consultations for approximately 1,000 animal hospitals throughout the United States, via four referral centers in the Cleveland area. At these referral centers, Vet-Rad radiologists work with specialists in internal medicine, surgery, oncology, neurology, cardiology, ophthalmology, dermatology, emergency and critical care medicine, and veterinary practice. Vet-Rad was founded 25 years ago and employs a staff of radiologists with more than 100 combined years of experience interpreting x-rays.

The Challenge: Veterinary Patient Administration and Record Keeping

Keeping track of so many animal clients—including contact information, billing status, animal client statistics, and report storage—would be a cumbersome task without a systematic approach.

Vet-Rad previously used a three-ring binder with alphabetized tabs to keep track of their clients’ information, invoicing, and basic accounting functions.

The time involved in administration of this business was significant and costly without a dedicated database, especially as Vet-Rad has continued its growth.

The Solution: A System for Complete Client Tracking

The system installed keeps track of client information like a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system would, including name, address, email address, and billing information. The Adatasol system being used by Vet-Rad also captures data for each animal client, which includes species, age, sex, clinical signs, and lab abnormalities. Vet-Rad employees can search the system by typing in only the first few letters of each client name, then selecting the client name to be accessed.

Medical histories for the animal patients can be retrieved and reviewed when future complaints emerge.

The system installed by Adatasol identifies bills due and allows Vet-Rad’s management to generate invoices and email them directly to the clients, which simplifies the billing process.


Vet-Rad enjoys significant overhead savings in completion of invoicing and billing functions, which frees up valuable staff time.

The Adatasol system allows Vet-Rad to complete administration functions without hiring additional staff.

Vet-Rad’s customer service is improved because patient referrals and the feedback provided are made more efficient.