Squire Ridge Company, LLC, is a private holding company in Beachwood, Ohio, that pursues investment opportunities among privately held niche manufacturers, value-added distributors, and select service companies in the Midwest. It provides a flexible investment alternative built around clients’ needs and goals for building business value.

Squire Ridge’s strategy is to maximize the value added to its portfolio companies by partnering with proven entrepreneurs and management teams. It provides investment strategy, structure, terms, and holding periods tailored for each of its portfolio companies.

The Challenge: Keeping Track of Potential Deals with New Portfolio Companies

In order to monitor potential investment opportunities in new portfolio companies and to communicate with Squire Ridge’s pool of client investors—the partial owners of the portfolio companies—an accurate and detailed information management system is necessary.

The Solution: Adatasol’s Key Business Information Tracking System

The system installed by Adatasol tracks potential new deals in which Squire Ridge can invest on behalf of its private equity clients. Many of the potential future deals are time sensitive, with required milestones, as offers are made and considered by the stakeholders.

The system tracks the events for on-going deals that were successfully made, and documents the opportunities that did not result in deals.

Similar to a traditional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, the Adatasol system maintains client information and investment contacts, including name, mailing address, email address, and notes. Pertinent documents and forms for each deal and for each client-investor can be stored and associated in the system.

Mass emailing is possible through the Adatasol system as email addresses can be pulled from the database and tagged to a draft email template, then launched to a group of contacts. Similar integration is also possible between the Adatasol system and Constant Contact, a mass emailing tool.

Squire Ridge uses calendar event alerts through integration with iCalendar. When key events and appointments are due, Squire Ridge populates iCalendar using date/time information from within the Adatasol system.

As new business notes are entered by Squire Ridge staff into the Adatasol system, the notes are date/time stamped and labeled for the actual person contacted within a larger organization.


The Adatasol system allows Squire Ridge to monitor its important upcoming business. Future potential deals can be captured in the Adatasol system as they emerge and progress, decreasing the likelihood of missed opportunities. Ongoing deals and passed-on deals are also captured in the system, providing a complete picture of Squire Ridge’s investment climate.

Multiple Squire Ridge users can use the Adatasol system simultaneously. The date stamping and labeling of the business notes being entered into the Adatasol system allows for better situational awareness across the Squire Ridge team as important events unfold and various conversations are ongoing.

Information can be entered into the Adatasol system from remote work sites and shared, allowing for staff flexibility and cost savings.

The Adatasol system provides Squire Ridge with both staff overhead savings and efficient deal-tracking capability, making it a valued tool in their daily business.